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Home Decoration compliance program
  Concept Design
  • Thought of a new product but didn't know what to do next?
  • Had a Product design concept but had no way to bring it to fruition?
We all have great ideas and we all want to be the next great inventor but 99.8% of new invention are never created! Most inventors do not have the resources or network to be able to take an idea or concept to the next Sunscope to bring your dream to reality!
  • A Team of experienced product designers
  • Ability to take your idea from a concept to a:
  • Sketch
  • 3D rendering
  • Rapid prototype (finished and decorated for presentation)
  • Create your packaging design and layout
  • Engineering review to ensure that your design can be
  • Manufactured
  • Patent review to ensure that your design is unique and does not already exist or infringe on existing products
  • Assist you in patenting your unique concepts
  • Ability to mold, assemble, decorate and pack your design
  • Distribute your product worldwide through our logistics team
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