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  Compliance Program
Sunscope has set up several inspection offices along the coast of China to cover all of our production facilities. Our trained quality control inspectors visit production from start to finish.We verify quality at the following points in production: raw material, in-line (random inspection),final. In addition to our own quality control team checking production along the way, shipment is then checked by a third party independent inspection firm before goods are shipped.
Ever wonder about the product you use? Where did it come from? Who made it? How were they able to do it so inexpensively? What quality controls were in place in the manufacturing facility? Were under age workers used? Were prison workers used? Were the workers treated fairly? We all have questions and many times, we may not want to hear the answers.........

Our Compliance department is different. They not only ask these questions, they go many steps further. There is a strong likelihood that the product was made in China in one of millions of plants that exist there. Sunscope® visits and pre-qualifies each factory to ensure that they:

  • Can produce to our quality standards, ensuring that they have the appropriate Q/A and Q/C programs in place
  • Do not use under age, prison or forced workers
  • Have the capacity to handle our production needs

A full audit conducted by an independent quality assurance firm for each manufacturer and a 30-50 page report is created. A Sunscope® supplier cannot produce for us until they are approved through our compliance department.

If you have any questions about our compliance program, please contact us at

Sunscope®products are manufactured with veracity in accordance with the latest Good Manufacturing Practice Standards, including 18 quality systems that build superiority into our products during each phase of their development. Our 18- step system of quality assurance is many times more effective than merely having a product pass a single quality assurance test. These systems assure that all of our products are manufactured in accordance with the stringent guidelines of Federal and all State requirements.

When you use a Sunscope® product, you can be rest assured that you are getting the highest quality product available.

With all of the recalls over the last 12 — 24 months, how do we ensure that our products meet the requirements for low levels of lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium, etc... Many companies send out pre-production samples for testing prior to goods going into production. What happens if something changes during the actual production of your order? Our compliance team uses in field testing to randomly check production during the manufacturing cycle (prior — during — at completion) to ensure that the product meets the safety levels we require.

Sunscope® has set up three of its own labs (one in our US headquarters and two in China) and has 15 trained lab techs to operate the XRF machines we have in each of our inspection offices in China. Our technicians visit production facilities and are able to do spot in-field testing on our production using our portable XRF devices to ensure we are in compliance.

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